IC (N)Tingoskattens Betty Boop NFO a 09 - Blue and white
Betty was a special kitten. She was bigger than the boys in her litter, with powerful paws and gigantic ears. A cat like that simply can't be sold, I thougt. She wasn't only a kitten I fell in love with, but a breed-typical wonderful breeding girl aswell. I told my mom she had to keep her, and would never guess she could become my first breeding girl. I got her as a birthdaygift! The best gift I could ever have gotten.
Betty always comes when I call, and are a lovely girl who adores cuddles. She is very talkactive, good natured and naive.
My sincerest thanks to mom, for letting me have her <3
GSD IV free
PK def free
HCM tested 30. November 2015 - Normal
Betty is a great forest cat, and a wonderful breeding girl.  She has a straight profile, with a nice top. Her ears are large, with good shape and placement, and nice tufts. She has a beautiful eyes when she's relaxed, and her strong orange eyecolour looks excellent with her blue coat. Her chin is ok. She has a good coat quality. What I like most with Betty, is her size. She is a large girl with long legs and big paws.
Breeder: Brita Schjervheim/
SC (N)Tingoskattens Viking DVM
NFO a 09 23
(N) Tingoskattens Ulrikke
NFO at 09 22
Birth: 26. Februar 2012
Litters: A-litter
5 x NOM, 4 x BIV
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NO*Kerrs Pink's Chianti Blend NFO ns 03 23
Before the kittens was born, I decided to keep a female from Chiantis litter. In her pedigree, I have both my female Betty, and my neuter boy Vemund, and she has several beautiful and interesting cats in her pedigree. Chianti was the only female in her litter, and she is everything I hoped for. I really look forward to bring her to shows and to see her beautiful future kittens.
She is a beautiful cat, and looks much alike her grandmother Ida. She has a cute and wonderful personality, and is a cute little(big) doll. <3
GSD IV free Chianti has fantastic qualities. She has big paws and body, strong chin, straight profile and a high and round top. She also has straight sidelines, big big ears with wonderfull setting and tufts, and good silver. Her look is beautiful, but with long eyelashes which may make them look a little too cute. I look forward to see how her coat quality developes, as her mother has fantastic coat quality, but her fathers is soft.
Breeder: Kathrine Schjervheim/
NO*Kerrs Pink's
CH (N)Tingoskattens Rikki Prikk NFO ns 02 21 64
NO*Kerrs Pink's Arya Asalia NFO n 09 23
Born: 01.10.2016
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