25.07.2017: 1 week pictures of the D-litter! More info and pictures at Kittens for sale


IC DK*Sakeena's Aston Martin JW has litters at (N)Tingoskattens
We laughed at our cute little boy, who flirted with the girls, but had no idea what to do.... our cute little boy became a male overnight. We had planned 2-3 litters for him this year, but he didn't agree.


09.04.2017: NO*Kerrs Pink's Cabernet Franc, BEST IN SHOW <3
25.03.2017: NO*Kerrs Pink's Cabernet Franc, BEST IN SHOW <3


20.11.2016: NO*Kerrs Pink's Chianti Blend stays in the cattery, info under females


04.11.2016: DK*Sakeena's Aston martin JW was at the World Cat Show in Wien, And got BIV, NOM and 1 vote in the panel!


02.10.2016, DK*Sakeena's Aston Martin became JUNIOR WINNER <3


10.08.2016: DK Sakeena's Aston Martin moved in, and are the new lovely breeding male in my cattery <3 He is co-owned with Brita Schjervheim, (N)Tingoskattens. Read about him on Males


10.01.2016: NO*Kerrs Pink's C-litter born
27.06.2016: NO*Kerrs Pink's B-litter born
05.05.2015: NO*Kerrs Pink's A-litter born.
25.07.2014: Made this hompage.
Juni 2014: Becamed a certified breeder
26.10.2012: Got my breeder-name