Kittens for sale

NO*Kerrs Pink's D-litter
IC DK*Sakeena's Aston Martin
NFO ds 09 22
25.07.2016 GIC (N)Tingoskattens Betty Boop
NFO a 09

NO*Kerrs Pink's
Dry 'n' Sweet
NO*Kerrs Pink's
Dapple Dandy
NO*Kerrs Pink's
Doux d'Henry
NO*Kerrs Pink's D'Arcy Spice
Dry 'n' Sweet is a type of apple Dapple Dandy is a type of pluot. (hybrid of plum and apricot) Doux d'Henry is a type of grape D'Arcy Spice is a type of apple
male male male female
NFO n(s) 03 NFO ns 22 NFO ns 09 NFO fs 09
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A kitten cost 9000NOK outside Norway and Sweeden. That includes a pedigree, basic vaccines, rabies-vaccine, healthcertificate, passport, id-chip.