DK Sakeena's Aston Martin NFO ds 09 22 - Red Silver tabby with white
 Brita Schjervheim sendt her interest on Martins litter before they was born. She fell in love with his mother the first time she saw her, and have ever since dreamt about a kitten from her. I thought Martin looked wonderful on all is pictures, but is was when I saw him, I fell in love.  Brita had earlier asked if I wanted to be a co-owner, and after my first meeting with Marting, I couldn't recist her offer. He is a wonderful boy wo loves to cuddle and play, and I look forward to see his developement and to take him with me at shows.
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Martin is a lovely boy with a bit of everything! He has giant ears with perfect placement, pointed ears and small tufts. His sidelines are straight, his chin is firm and the profile is straight with a high rounded top. His look is sharp and beautiful. His silver is wonderful and the coat quality are coming. The tail reach his shoulder blades. Sakeena told us this is the biggest kitten she have ever had in her cattery. Martin has a big body, big powerful paws and is a heavy cat. Martin is really my cup of tea, and he has all the qualities he needs.
Breeder: Sakeena Elkington -
Elvdal's Vertigo*D - NFO ns 02 21
DK Elkingston's Xsa Xsa Gabor - NFO f 09 23
Born: 30 Mars 2016

Martin is co-owned with Brita Schjervheim, Tingoskattens

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9 x NOM, 9 x BIV, 5 BIS

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